Firstly, we are family. So, we will present ourselves in all truthfulness to our clients. We are not corporate-minded folks, we are as down to earth as you can get. Get to know us a little!

We began this business after leaving the crazy world of Active Duty Army. We settled back into the desert to be closer to family. We loved living in the south and hope to one day retire there. Gold Coast of Georgia, anybody?

I (Alexis) grew up around real estate my entire life. My family has international commercial and residential real estate in Mexico and stateside. I've always had an interest in real estate investing and it wasn't until we moved back to Arizona that Jay and I began to seriously pursue it after purchasing our first property together. In this business, I am definitely the bookworm- always have been. Yup, I was that principals list type of student! I work tirelessly to find the best possible solutions for our clients. Sometimes, the best avenue is not even doing business with us! I'm not afraid to tell you that! Alright, enough about me- here is Jay!

I (Jay) similar to what Alexis stated have always had a love for real estate but my true passion comes from helping people. Knowing I have impacted people's lives through real estate has shown me how I will leave an impact on the world but also the legacy I am creating for my daughter. We look forward to meeting you and working together. God Bless.